Appropriate Body

The role of the Appropriate Body (AB)

Appropriate Bodies (ABs) quality assure the statutory induction of Early Career Teachers (ECTs), ensuring that schools provide the necessary support for their ECTs; that their assessment is fair and consistent; and that they are receiving a programme of support and training based on the Early Career Framework (ECF).

In order to start their induction period, an ECT needs to be registered with an Appropriate Body. Retrospective registrations are not possible and there must be at least one term's notice to ensure ECTs are eligible for induction. In accordance with the statutory guidance, the post must be suitable for an ECT. Please contact us for more advice or if you have any questions on ECT registration or post suitability.

You can register your school with us for appropriate body services via ECT Manager using the link below. Guidance for how to register can be found here.

Register via ECT Manager

You can also opt to use us for your ECT and mentor training. Please see the our ECF page for more information about our ECF-based training programme.

Appropriate Body reform: What has changed?

From 2024, TSHs will become the main provider of AB services (except for specialist ABs for some independent and overseas schools). Local Authorities (LAs) will withdraw from their AB role.
● From September 2023 they stopped taking on any additional ECTs.
● In September 2023 Suffolk LA ceased operating as an AB.​
● From September 2024 Norfolk LA will cease operating as an AB.

You can learn more about what these changes mean for your school by reading our AB reform resources:

Key information for Norfolk schools

Key information for Suffolk schools

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