Early Career Framework

In England, new teachers are entitled to two years of professional development training based on the Department for Education's Early Career Framework (ECF). This two year induction period replaced the NQT year in September 2021 and bridges the gap between initial teacher training and a career in teaching. 

The Early Career Framework sets out what early career teachers (ECTs) are entitled to learn during their induction period. It is designed to help early career teachers develop their practice, knowledge and working habits.

Department for Education's Early Career Framework

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Training approaches

Schools have three delivery approaches to choose from for ECF-based training:

  • Use a training provider to deliver ECF-based training (a provider-led programme)
  • Use DfE-accredited materials to deliver ECF-based training themselves
  • Design and deliver their own training programme based on the ECF

Inspiration Teaching School Hub deliver a provider-led programme. This means that we handle the delivery of ECF-based training to your ECTs and their mentors using DfE accredited learning materials. For eligible schools, this training approach is fully funded by the DfE.


  • The length of induction has increased from one year to two years
  • ECTs must receive a 10% timetable reduction in their first year of induction and a 5% timetable reduction in their second year
  • ECTs must be allocated a mentor to support them throughout their induction period

Department for Education's ECT Statutory Induction Guidance

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How to register for our provider-led ECT programme

  1. Register your school for our provider-led ECT programme here.
  2. Register your ECTs and mentors for training funding here.
  3. Register your ECTs with an Appropriate Body (AB). You can learn more about the role of ABs here.