Funding from Autumn 2024

The DfE make scholarship funding available to a limited number of teachers and leaders from publicly funded schools and 16 to 19 educational organisations for some NPQ courses.

If you're not sure whether your educational settings meets these requirements, please contact us on

Please also see the funding section of the DfE website for all details and eligibility criteria. This funding is limited.

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Additional eligibility criteria

Participants who receive scholarship funding for a reformed NPQ (post November 2021) and who then subsequently withdraw from, or fail, their programme will not be eligible for scholarship funding for the same NPQ in the future. If a participant is unable to continue with their NPQ, providers are expected to support them to defer their programme and restart at a later date if appropriate.

Participants who received scholarship funding for a legacy NPQ (prior to November 2021) and who withdraw from their programme could be eligible for scholarship funding for the new reformed NPQs.

You can still undertake an NPQ if you are not eligible for scholarship funding.