Appropriate Body

Appropriate Body (AB) services have a role in checking that a school is delivering an Early Career Framework-based induction.

The role of ABs is quality assurance within the Framework:

  • ECTS are fairly and consistently assessed
  • checking ECTs are receiving a programme of support and training based on the ECF –this is called fidelity checking*
  • ensuring that new teachers receive their statutory entitlements and that these are fairly and consistently assessed
  • schools will need to provide information to the AB to demonstrate that their programme fulfills statutory requirements (*fidelity checking is not required if schools are using a provider led programme)

In cases where ECTs are working part-time and they can demonstrate that they have met the Teachers’ Standards, the Appropriate Body is able to reduce the length of the induction period and bring forward the final assessment point. This decision is to be made in agreement with the ECT and once the ECT has completed a period covering, but not equivalent to, two school years. 

What are your options as a school in terms of AB?

  • Teaching school hub
  • Local authority 
  • National Teacher Accreditation (NTA)
  • Local authority (in which your school is situated)

Inspiration Teaching School Hub are not acting as an Appropriate Body but we have instead  partnered with the National Teacher Accreditation to provide Appropriate Body services for schools within our region. For more information, please see the document below.

If an ECT is not registered with an Appropriate Body, they are unable to begin their induction period.


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