The Early Career Teachers programme is funded by the Department for Education. All state-funded schools offering statutory induction will receive additional funding to deliver the ECF reforms.

The funding will cover:

5% off timetable in the second year of induction for all early career teachers to undertake induction activities, including training and mentoring.

Mentors for early career teachers in the second year of induction - this is based on 20 hours of mentoring across the academic year.

ECF funding 1

Funding is calculated by taking the average salary of mentors and early career teachers, split by region, and uses the hourly rate to calculate a total funding figure.

This data will be collected through the school workforce census. State schools undertaking statutory induction will receive a single payment for their early career teachers and mentors in the summer of the second year of induction.

Schools using a DfE-funded, provider-led programme will also receive additional funding for mentor backfill for time off timetable for training, as follows:

ECF funding 2