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Our Lead Provider -

We have chosen to partner with Ambition Institute to provide the Full Induction Programme. Inspiration Trust have been involved with Ambition in a pilot this year, known as the Early Roll-out (ERO). This is a compressed, one year version of the programme involving many of the Trusts' schools.

Our decision to partner with Ambition Institute came about following a robust evaluation of all six potential providers for national roll-out. We were mindful that next year’s ECTs have had a very disrupted training year despite best efforts and we feel strongly that the right partnership will mean that the ECF serves to address this challenge, rather than adding to it.

We concluded that Ambition’s programme is the best for our schools. The rationale for their programme design is compelling and shows very high fidelity to what research evidence suggests about how we learn best, including what works best when mentoring novice teachers. The approach is highly structured, providing effective support for mentors with a range of experiences. 

Mentors support ECTs through their learning using a technique called instructional coaching, which a recent meta-analysis by Kraft suggests is the ‘best bet’ for improving a new teacher’s practice. ‘Instructional coaching’ is probably best compared to tennis coaching; the idea of breaking down a player’s serve into small components which can be individually practiced. This is different to an ‘Executive Coach’ who might work on the assumption that the individual has the answers in themselves and often works at a broad level. This, we think, is a really powerful aspect of Ambition’s offer.