Frequently Asked Questions

Can we choose our hub? Or is it district specific?
Your Teaching School Hub is decided by the region you fall into. The Inspiration Teaching School Hub covers South Norfolk, Breckland, Great Yarmouth and Waveney. 

What are 'CIP' and 'FIP'? 
The CIP is the 'Core Induction Programme'. Four of these have been developed by the Lead Providers of early roll-out and approved by the DfE and EEF - avalible here. The FIP is the 'Full Induction Programme', which is the CIP plus training for ECTs and mentors, delievered via Lead Providers and their Delivery Partners, including Teaching School Hubs. There is a third route available to schools, sometimes called 'DIY', where schools develop and deliver their own induction materials and programme based on the ECF. 

Do we have to work with the TSH’s chosen Full-Induction Programme (FIP) provider for ECF?
You can choose either the full induction programme, core induction programme or to deliver your own school based induction programme. If you choose to do the FIP, this is designed by our partner, Ambition Institute, and delivered locally by us. If you choose the core induction package, you would train the ECTs and mentors yourself and plan out your delivery using DfE accredited online materials.

What does 'induction coordinator' mean?
The 'induction coordinator' is another name for the 'induction tutor' that the DfE refers to in statutory guidance. They are the person in a school tasked with arranging the induction for the ECT, including assessment. It may, in some circumstances, be appropriate for the headteacher/principal to be the induction tutor. 

Can ECTs in FE access the funded FIP? 
Yes. FE institutions do have access to funded FIP training.

How will part-time ECTs engage with the ECF and assessment light touch every term or the same as full-time ECTs?
Arrangements for part time ECTs arecovered in the DfE's guidance document

When does the first cohort of the new NPQs start?
The DfE has annouced that the planned September 2021 cohort of NPQs will be moved to start in November 2021. The February 2022 cohort will continue as planned.

How can I contact you?

Our email is, or you can call us on 01603 733443. 

We also have a WhatsApp Business account if you would like to text us: 07780576091